Detaillierte Referenzen auf Anfrage.

Gmünder Tagespost

… Durch sein großes Maß an Eigeninitiative und die Bereitschaft, die Redaktion auch durch eigene Vorschläge konstruktiv zu unterstützen, ist er zu einer wichtigen Stütze unter den Freien Mitarbeitern unserer Sportredaktion geworden. …

Werner Röhrich

Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen

… Maximilian Länge proved himself to me as valuable workforce for responsible challenges. His knowledge of sports related with skills in (sport)journalism are on a remarkable level. He works very accurately and finishes his tasks always in time. He takes responsibility, works independently and with strong willingness to perform. He shows strong skills as a team player with his partners and supervisors and gives support where it is needed. He has creative ideas and helpful opinions which he brings in clearly. Additionally he has great communicative and social competences. …

Dr. Verena Burk

Südwestrundfunk Stuttgart (SWR)

… Besonderes Lob verdient seine ausgesprochen gewissenhafte Arbeit mit den diversen Recherche-, Planungs-  und Bearbeitungs-Instrumenten des SWR (u.a. Open Media, Fesad-Datenbank, Munzinger-Archiv, Video Production Management System (VPMS) Mediacenter) – auch im Rahmen der Nachbereitung/Erfolgskontrolle der Sportsendungen. …

Harald Dietz

University of Oregon

I have had the pleasure of working with Max Laenge on numerous sports assignments for nearly two years, and I would like to recommend Max for any position related to covering sports.
I teach photojournalism, visual journalism and multimedia journalism in the School of Journalism and Communication at The University of Oregon. I had Max as a student in my classes. He was so focused on covering sports events that I invited him to work with me on assignments covering football, basketball, acrobatics and other sports related events.
In addition to teaching at the journalism school, I work as a contributor for, a local television station with a website. Max became my co-worker and his work was published regularly on that site.
I have been a professional photojournalist for over 30 years and I recognize a good shooter when I see one. Max is great. He acts in a professional manner at all times, is incredibly reliable, captures both the action and emotion of a sports event in his images and his writing, and meets deadlines.
He was a joy to work with and he produced terrific professional work, often under miserable conditions such as shooting football games in pouring rain and wind.
Therefore I strongly recommend Max as a sports journalist. He is professional and reliable. If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Dan Morrison

Allgemeiner Deutscher Hochschulsportverband (adh)

… The journalistic and PR work conducted by Mr. Länge was of outstanding quality and to our complete satisfaction. His articles covering the WUEC were highly informative and enter- taining by always respecting accuracy and fairness as cornerstones of sports reporting. Mr. Länge worked independently and was an integral part of the WUEC media team. His coop- erative and friendly manner was highly appreciated within the Organizing Committee.
I am convinced that Mr. Länge’s integrity, his outstanding skills, his impressive commit- ment and his courteous and amicable character will make him a very valuable member of further institutions he will work for. …

Julia Frasch