Went from West to East. Was born and raised in Erfurt, Thüringen. Went from East to West. Became a Swabian. Started eating like a Swabian. Went to the Stadium when Jürgen Klinsmann said good-bye to playing soccer. Started playing handball in third grade. Wasn’t allowed to do two sports at the same time. Wanted to become a detective to solve little crimes in the neighborhood. Started playing violin instead. Began to speak english. Moved to a bigger house in the same street. Graduated from elementary school. Went to the United States for the first time. Left New York one week before 9/11. Realized that playing handball wasn’t good for the fingers and for playing violin. Added French as a second language. Became part of the German Sommermärchen. Focused on handball. Celebrated Stuttgart becoming the German Soccer Champions. Traveled to America for the second time. Added a third language – Spanish. Focused on Sports and English and German during the last two years of grammar school. Left Math and French behind. Graduated from grammar school. Went to the USA for the third time. Moved to the university town Tübingen. Started studying sports journalism. Stopped playing handball on a regular basis. Became a student assistant in his first year of college. Started missing handball. Felt like he hadn’t been to the US for quite a while. Applied to study abroad in Oregon. Was selected to go to the University of Oregon, his favorite college. Became a Duck. Found a second place to call home. Started taking photos of sports events. Gained a new perspective on the United States of America. Experienced a Super Bowl season. Returned to German virtues. Didn’t find time to settle back in Germany. Started internships at Sport1 and the SPIEGEL. Became a nomad. Visited his second home during football season. Found a room in Tübingen once again.

… to be continued!

Was mich körperlich bewegt – Sport

Was mich geographisch bewegt – Reisen

Was mich emotional bewegt – Fan sein